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Small Group Youth Ninja Class (Ages 7-14)

$140 Purchase required to enroll
This is a 60 minute course that runs for 6 weeks, and maxes out at 10 kids.

Our Youth Ninja course is a great way for your young athletes to stay in shape and have fun during their off season. As we take on a number of obstacles and challenges during the this 6 week session our ninjas will develop new strength and body awareness that compliments any sport or athletic focus. This class is also great for those kids who are all in on Ninja and want to stay focused on swinging climbing and monkeying around. Regardless of their individual goals, this class will push kids as they develop more advanced muscular strength, muscular endurance, mobility, problem solving skills and confidence.

If you are concerned about the large age range we have a special Mature Ninja Class just for older kids (Ages 10-15).